Create a clutter free hallway

February, 2020

When selling your home, the first impressions you create for the viewer are the most important.  We talk a lot about ‘curb appeal’ and maintaining the outside of your home, but it is just as important to ensure once viewers step inside, they fall in love with your home.  Having a welcoming, clutter free hallway rather than a muddle of coats or a pile of shoes to trip over can make all the difference to potential purchasers.


House Beautiful have listed their 9 golden rules to keeping a clutter free hallway...


The first thing to do in the hallway is to get rid of all dumping grounds, says Rachel Papworth of Green and Tidy. 'Any flat surface will get filled up with whatever people have in their hands when they walk in the door,' she says. The key to an uncluttered hall is to keep everything off the floor, so a wall rack or stand for hats and coats is a must.


Once the hallway is clear, encourage the rest of the family to keep to good habits. 'Never go upstairs empty handed,' says Rachel. 'Whenever you go up or down, take something with you and put it away. If you have space, assign a basket for each member of the family's shoes and create a seating area to make taking them off in the hallway easier.'


1. Remove absolutely everything that doesn't belong in the hallway.

It makes sense not to do this job on a weekend when the family are likely to be at home and passing through, leaving chaos in their wake. Choose a quiet morning – take a day off work if necessary – and time it so that when everyone comes home they're greeted immediately by the new, tidy space. It will make a strong impression and encourage the family to help keep it that way.


2. Find somewhere to put shoes. 

Invest in a shoe organiser, a storage seat or a box with a lid that doubles as a seat. This is especially useful if you have small children as they can sit on it while you put on coats and boots in the mornings.


3. Find a place elsewhere...

Perhaps the garage or shed, for bulky items such as wellington boots.


4. Designate a box or basket for gloves, mittens, scarves and hats... 

Make sure all family members know to put their items straight in there when they come home.


5. It's a good idea to store spare keys in a tin... 

This is a better choice than leaving keys on a rack. Keep keys you'll need every day stored out of sight and reach of the door. If left in plain view they could be easy prey for burglars or callers at the door who might distract you and try to steal them.


6. When charity bags come through your letterbox...

Use them straight away to gather unwanted items and clear the house of clutter quickly.


7. Buy a rack for coats and jackets 

A rack is ideal for the family to hang up their outerwear, but ensure this is kept to a minimum, a bulky rack or stand can make your space look cluttered. You can buy many racks nowadays with built-in storage too.


8. Recycle unwanted mail

Get into the habit of putting junk mail or advertising leaflets 'straight into the recycling bin after they arrive,' says Cherry Rudge of professional declutterers, Rainbow Red.


9. Put aside outgrown coats, wellies, socks and boots...

Or anything you no longer need. If they're in decent condition, these can be donated to local nurseries and primary schools who often need spares for wet weather.


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