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February, 2016

The Scrumpty Trail is a public art event taking place in the City of Gloucester from the start of August through to October 2015.  Organisers, Marketing Gloucester, are expecting millions of visitors to the City in the search for the 20 Scrumpty characters all painted by well renowned artists and inspired by the landscaped and history of Gloucestershire.


Marketing Gloucester explains who ‘Scrumpty’ is…

“Based on a local Gloucester legend, during the English Civil War Siege of Gloucester in 1643, King Charles’ army was camped at Llanthony Priory just outside the medieval city walls. A brand new siege engine was to be used to knock down the ancient city walls of Gloucester. This siege engine was nicknamed ‘Humpty Dumpty’, apparently after a well-known and rather rotund Member of Parliament called Humphrey.

On its first use, Humpty Dumpty collapsed, causing it to break apart, hence the famous nursery rhyme line “All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

For the year 2015, the city Gloucester has adopted the character of Humpty Dumpty, but as it’s a big year for sport he’s put on his rugby jersey and boots taken the nickname ‘Scrum-pty’ to help celebrate with the country’s most passionate rugby fans.” (Source -


Naylor Powell are delighted to take part in this event which brings together businesses, schools and the local community. 


Naylor Powell’s Scrumpty is called ‘The Tailor’ which has been painted by artist Deven Bhurke and inspired by the Beatrix Potter novel, ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’.  Positioned in front of the imposing Gloucester Cathedral, I’m sure you agree the sculpture looks magnificent.


Pop into any of our branches to pick up your free copy of the Scumpty Trail map.




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