What better excuse do you need to sample a new beer than to support one of the most popular events to hit Gloucester in years!  Scrumpty have teamed up with Butcombe Brewery to launch a beer dedicated to the event, aptly named ‘Scrumpty Gold’.  
Situated in the heart of the city alongside the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal, Gloucester Docks is the most inland port in Britain.  Gloucester Docks was once a bustling ship yard and thriving trade entrance which was described as ‘extraordinary’ by Charles Dickens.
You may have heard that our poor Scrumpty ‘The Tailor’ lost an ear during the first weekend of the Scrumpty Trail.      Fortunately it didn't take all the kings horses and all the kings men to put scrumpty back together again just a very good artist!  Thanks to the talented artist at Scrumpty HQ, The Tailor now looks as good as new. 
The RHS website is packed full of useful advice on how to maintain your garden.      Take a look at these top 10 jobs for August: - Prune Wisteria - Don’t delay summer pruning restricted fruits - Deadhead flowering plants regularly
As part of the exciting re-brand at Naylor Powell the new for-sale boards have landed!   Property signs are a 24 hour sales tool and they should be both distinctive and eye catching.  A visible for-sale board will attract buyers that may not even think they are looking to move until they see the sign on the house they have always driven past and admired. 
The Scrumpty Trail is a public art event taking place in the City of Gloucester from the start of August through to October 2015.  Organisers, Marketing Gloucester, are expecting millions of visitors to the City in the search for the 20 Scrumpty characters all painted by well renowned artists and inspired by the landscaped and history of Gloucestershire. 
If you are in the market for purchasing a new property of even looking to save money by switching to a better deal, you may want to consider using the knowledge and experience of a qualified Independent Mortgage Adviser to help you.
The city of Gloucester has undergone huge transformations in the last decade.  A multi million pound investment by developer The Peel Group have transformed the Docks and Quays area from a dilapidated ship yard to a thriving residential, shopping and leisure quarter.  Planning applications are also in place to transform the Kings Quarter area, Blackfriars and Baker’s Quay which...

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